Two Architect man working with compasses and blueprints for construction project

Our Approach

The foundations of our successful approach to doing business are comprehensive and detailed planning, innovative use of new technology, strict adherence to health and safety procedures, and a strong commitment to quality assurance.

Our approach has enabled the business to continue to grow. We continually review and improve our systems to ensure we maintain an impeccable reputation for high-quality workmanship. We continue to deliver projects, whether they are simple or complex, on time and within budget.

Our Story

Dustless Sandblasting of Canada is a young, vibrant dustless sandblasting company with a creative core and background. Started as a sole trader and successfully completing various projects, Dustless Sandblasting of Canada is a company and formed in 2018. The company has undertaken a number of very exciting, high-quality projects on behalf of the government, private sector and private clients.

Dustless Sandblasting of Canada has identified a market for high-quality restoration and refurbishment. We work extra hard to be within our clients’ needs, budget and timeline. We have assembled a strong team with a wide range of experience to meet that goal today and every day.

Meet the Team

From its inception, Dustless Sandblasting of Canada has become a highly successful and well-respected commercial dustless sandblasting company.  Our success is delivered by a team of people, who operate within the highest standards and high-quality workmanship on all of our projects whether simple or complex.


Kevin Bowles

Founder & CEO


Angela Paredes

Executive Assistant


Martin Karlson

Blaster & Assistant  


Steven Martin

Blaster & Assistant  

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