We specialize in boats

Why get your boat blasted?
Over a number of years, antifoul builds up and the hulls surface is no longer smooth. This build-up should be removed every 3-4 years or so. Not only is this a very time-consuming job but it is also messy and unless care is taken it can introduce toxic paint into the environment.


Gotta love doing trucks & cars

It is every restorer’s nightmare – spending thousands of dollars in restoring a classic car to its original glory, to then finding it rotting from the inside out. Why risk it? By cleaning shells right back to bare metal, you can see exactly what condition the metalwork is in, and, therefore, what work needs to be done for the best restoration.


Commercial and Residential

Your tenants moved out and now you need to get the building repainted but the old paint has to come off. Your cement patio is flaking or your swimming pool and it needs to be stripped clean and sealed. You bought a new house and you wanted to restore the brick to its natural look. Don't sweat it! Give DSC a call and we can help.


We do jobs big and small.

Not to worry we do all size jobs from light poles to the outside walls at shopping malls, Just another reason being mobile is great.

We've worked with the Government and the private sectors.

Our portfolio includes the Government of Canada Ocean and Fisheries, Township of Qualicum beach, Property managment, Fabrication shops, Autobody shops and Private homeowners.


Still Thinking?

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